Single-use plastic products are used once, or for a short period of time, before being thrown away. The impacts of this plastic waste on the environment and our health are global and can be drastic. Single-use plastic products are more likely to end up in our seas than reusable options.

Starting on July 3, 2021, it will thus be illegal to place disposable plastic cutlery on the market throughout the European Union.

The solution, according to plastic pollution experts, is not to continue our reliance on single-use products with different materials, but to avoid single-use products altogether.

Would you like to see less waste in the world? Our innovative, patent pending, multiuse cutlery dispenser eliminates environmental waste and saves cost at the same time.

No single use cutlery waste: stainless-steel cutlery can be used over and over again

Safe and hygienic: thanks to sanitizing dishwashing cycles and storage in closed cutlery cartridge hygiene is guaranteed

Efficient self-service deposit-refund system: deposit prevents cutlery from being binned with food waste or stolen

Better eating experience: stainless-steel cutlery provides better taste and performance than wood or plastic cutlery

Lower operating cost: multiuse cutlery cost is up to 45% lower than single use cutlery alternatives